Welcome to Cyclone India Group

Established as collective efforts of Team of Technocrats group established its image in Indian and Overseas markets in the filed of Pharmaceutical Technology. The Group is team of consultants, Technocrats, Educationalist, and IT Professionals.
We serves everything in Pharma, Cyclone India Provides Technical Guidance, Manpower, Training, and also IT Solutions for Pharma Industry.

Cyclone India Emerging with Online medicine portal and Export business in medicines.
The Group is medicine Group of India and serving healthcare sector with it’s Quality services.

Cyclone India also serves society with social approach.Chairman Sachin Bhalekar is expert in Pharmaceutical Science and serving Industry for more than 20 years.

The Group promots its research views through Cyclone India Research and Online Journal,also Cyclone India Group plays important role in Indian Media as a Web news portal

Our Group Companies

Cyclone Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
The Pharmaceutical Consultant

India’s Leading Pharmaceutical Consultant with wide range of cost effective services Like Dossier DMF Services Regulatory Submissions, GMP, Audits, Documentation, Validation, Laboratory, Investigations, Training, Risk Management, Training, Turn Key Projects, Quality Integration Etc.

Pharma QA
The GMP Consultant

Pharma QA is GMP compliance and certification agency ,Pharma QA Evaluates and provide solutions for GMP Upgradation .Pharma QA Provides services for preaudits and Preparation for WHO, MHRA, ENVISA, TGA, PICS, USFDA and many other regulatory audits.

Cyclone Pharma
The Regulatory Consultant

India’s Leading Regulatory Service provider. CPPL is known for it’s best documentation practices while compiling any document. CPPL is providing services for compilation of Drug Master File and Dossier in different Formats Like CTD, ECTD, eCTD, ACTD and many other authority specific files.

GMP Infotech
Paperless GMP

Atomization is future of Industry and also as a compliance part organization of documents with all validation is necessary for Compliance, Traceability, Investigation Cyclone Pharmaceuticals Pvt Limited is Introducing a complete Quality Management Software. Till now everywhere software’s are claimed as Management Information software’s now we claims this as Quality Management Software with all Validations as per Norms.

Sachin Bhalekar
The Pharma Consultant

India’s Leading Pharmaceutical Consultant. Invented attitude based Quality system and Cost effective solutions for Pharma Industry. Sachin Bhalekar Always believes and explains if Quality system is hurdle for increasing productivity such Quality system does not mean anything. Quality and Quantity is the motto of systems and Mr Sachin with this approach giving best quality and compliance solutions to Pharmaceuticals Industry.

Smart Pharmacy
e Medicines

A novel concept of Online medicine order and delivery to Indian Patients. An android application and a Web Portal which provides medicine Ordering and delivery service at your work place as well as at your home within 24 Hours in ay City of India. Along with business Smart Pharmacy is first family Pharmacy concept of India which provides free information’s related to drug.

Cyclone India Placements
India's Leading Recruiters

Searching right candidate for right position by Understanding requirements properly is requirement of Industry as on today. Cyclone India Placement provides right candidate for right job. Cyclone India placements works in diversified field like Engineering, Pharma, Healthcare and Management sector.

Cyclone India Infotech
Healthcare IT Services

At Cyclone India Infotech we empower organizations, with innovative web technologies to leverage the best out of their web presence. We amplify and put your thoughts to Perspective. With compelling design and content we make you stand out of the crowd.

CPPL Exports
Exports of Generic Medicine

Cyclone Pharmaceuticals Provides a wide range of Pharmaceutical and medicinal formulations like Tablets, Capsules, Liquid orals, Ointments, Creams, Powders. CPPL is known for best quality and best documentation support for registrations.

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Excellence
Reasearch Initiative by QERC

Research based Novel approach towords publication of Journal this is Peer reviewed Journal with three Layer Scrutiny. We wish to promote the research activity by students and professionals in Pharmaceutical industry. It was established in the year 2013 as official publication of Quality Excellence and Research Center.

Cyclone India Research & Development
Innovations in Pharma Industry

Cyclone India Research and Development is professionally managed Research center by Cyclone India Group with the vision of developing world class affordable medicines. CIRD is having wel established Development Laboratory for Formulation as well as analytical development Studies.

Quality Excellence and Research Center
The Professional Pharma Education

Established in 2010, Pharma QA's Quality Excellence and Research Centre is a Outcome of continuous Discussion of Educational Institutes and Pharmaceutical Industry. QERC is Focusing on complete practical aspects and concept clearance of students before entering into industry.

Cyclone India News
Mirror of Indian Healthcare System

A comprehensive news Portal for Healthcare, Medicines and Lifestyle news from India and World. Voice of India for Healthcare. We brings justice to health.

Rudra Foundation
Social work with responsibilty

A project by industrial and educational professionals for social activities. The approach is "something to be done for Our Peoples our Community" RUDRA stands for Rural Union for Development and Research activities.

Vision Care Center
Superspeciality Eye Hospital

Vision Care Centre Works with Mission to serve Rural India with BEST QUALITY Ophthalmological services and Cornea Transplant services with very economy and affordable cost to Rural and poor peoples.