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Essential Oils:

Cyclone India Essence is a division of Cyclone Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Pune. CPPL is a quality medicine manufacturing company and known for its highest quality medicine and services all over the world.

On understanding the needs of Pharma Industry CPPL has launched the division of Essential oils .
Cyclone India Essences is now a separate identity as a Part of Cyclone India Group.


Cyclone India Essenses is the place where technology and creativity touch to redefine the art of perfumery and fragrances by its exotic floral products like floral oils and absolutes. We manufacture floral oils by Hydro-distillation which extracts the purest odorant materials from natural flowers. There is nothing ordinary about the aromatic tour de forces created here. Everything is fervently produced with a nouveau approach to the craft of fine fragrances resulting in truly separate, trendsetting fragrances & oils.

Cyclone India Essences are  also known for manufacturing of Speice Oils which  are the concentrated volatile liquids that find wide usage in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health food & medical industries. The parts that are mostly used for harnessing spices are seeds, leaves etc. Apart from adding taste to the foods & beverages, the spice oils are very rejuvenating & tasty. These spice oils are generally extracted through the steam distillation process
Manufacturing Units: Cyclone India Essences is having State of Art Manufacturing Unit in Maharashtra in and Around the Agriculture Belt of Maharashtra i.e Pune District.
Research and Development: Cyclone India Essences is having very good well equipped R&d Facility near Pune.

Why Cyclone India Essences :

> Pure and natural essential oils, attars and herbal extracts
> Highly focused research and development
  > Real time product delivery
  > Customized packaging, orders always arrive in excellent condition
  > Best pricing in the industry