International Journal of Pharmaceutical Excellence

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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Excellence is the peer reviewed online Journal of Pharmaceutical excellence. It was established in the year 2013 as official publication of Quality excellence and research centre.  It is a collaborative effort of the people from various sectors of pharmacy which include pharmacy education and pharma industries.

"Excellence is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement."

IJPE focuses on the achieving "Total Pharmaceutical excellence".

"Total Pharmaceutical Excellence is multidisciplinary term which covers operational pharmaceutical excellence (OPEX), quality – compliance excellence and marketing excellence, etc."

IJPE motivates research scholars to interact with Pharmacy professionals through student forum. It helps to fill the gap between Pharmacy education and Pharmaceutical industries.  It also guides the students and budding pharmacist about their career.

IJPE is the monthly online journal which invites articles from various categories such as QA, QC, etc. All the articles are edited and reviewed by the experienced Pharmacy professionals. It accepts and publishes research, review article and short communications which contribute to further development in the field of Pharmaceutical excellence.

It has
⚫ Easy Process for article submission
⚫ Time to time prepublishing communication with author
⚫ Rigorous peer-review by experienced Pharmacy professionals
⚫ Rapid publication
⚫ Full text availability of articles in PDF

Our brilliant team strives to update Pharmacist by providing latest news of pharmacy field. We believe to set "benchmark of excellence" in Pharmaceutical field and our belief will make us to grow worldwide.

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