Pharma QA India

Pharma QA is Group Company of Cyclone India Group.PHARMA QA is established In 2012 for providing services to Pharmaceutical Industry.Today Pharma QA is spread over the world with it's service wings.

PHARMA QA believes Quality shall be Inbuilt and not the superficial. GMP is most essential and vital part of Pharmaceutical Industry.The manufacturers who follows and take care of GMP are always ahead of the all.The Quality of the product from GMP Environment can be trusted by world.

PHARMA QA Supports clients to fulfill their all GMP Needs. Layout Designing, Plant Setup, Standard Operating Procedure(SOP),Validation Documents, Facility Validation,QA Documentation, Quality system integration, protocols, Qualification Documents are key expertise areas of PHARMA QA team.

Pharmacist Sachin Bhalekar, is Chief Consultant of PHARMA QA. Mr.Sachin Bhalekar have more than 14 years of Quality Experience of Reputed Pharmaceutical Industries Like Dr.Reddy's,Cipla etc.Mr.Sachin Bhalekar had independently conducted more than 250 Factory and quality Assurance Audits till now.

Sachin Bhalekar is having diversified expertise and hence he is involving himself for resolving major minor Problems of Clients. With his best inter personnel relationship with industrial professionals and with his Leadership excellence Mr.Sachin Bhalekar has achieved a name and very good place as a consultant in Pharmaceutical Industry. Mr.Sachin Bhalekar brought a revolution in GMP and Audit sector with his well known Quality Integration Project. GMP and QA consultancy services of Cyclone Pharmaceuticals are proven services with highest Quality and Lowest cost.Our compiled documents many times are being accepted by regulatory authorities without single query. PHARMA QA team is always alert for new updations in regulations provides perfect SOP,Protocol and System which is not only makes the perfect quality but it also helps to save cost and other format compilation.

Every service provided by PHARMA QA is adding some value to your organizational always concentrates on cost saving and always gives honest opinion on each requirements. PHARMA QA never suggests any impractical things which may lead to highest cost.PHARMA QA Suggest only what's necessary and mandatory. Clients growth is our Growth. Clients success is always Consultants success. QUALITY COST TIME are three keys of success of Cyclone Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

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